MOVEit Cloud Professional

MOVEit Cloud takes care of the day to day operational compliance of a managed file transfer solution.

More and more business-critical information moves electronically between employees, customers, partners, and applications. IT professionals need solutions that move files efficiently, securely, and reliably to get work done. Managing infrastructure for business processes means IT teams face challenges around file transfer automation and integration whether it includes people, systems, or applications. Additionally, IT needs to ensure systems meet both governance and compliance requirements and must be able to prove compliance with ever changing business processes, corporate policies and government regulations. Finally, end users need solutions that let them easily transfer files, in accordance with IT policy, and without constraints or file size limits.

MOVEit™ Cloud: Managed File Transfer Just Got Better

MOVEit Cloud overcomes these challenges by delivering on both business user and IT requirements while offering compliant file transfer as a managed service to stay on top of industry requirements and statutes. Employees can easily share files and messages with other people and groups, while IT professionals can confidently administer and automate the exchange of files between systems and people. MOVEit Cloud takes care of the day to day operational compliance of a managed file transfer solution. Not only does MOVEit Cloud provide flexibility, predictability and scalability; but it helps you achieve results that matter most: increased employee productivity, a guaranteed service level (SLA), and reduced data risk by increasing visibility, control and security. MOVEit Cloud drastically reduces the scope of compliance audits with Ipswitch’s expert-managed, common security framework.

  • HIPAA compliance: Support HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) standards with an easier and faster way to achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance for file transfer processes.
  • PCI Certified: Companies that store, process or transmit sensitive cardholder data can incorporate Ipswitch’s PCI Report on Compliance (RoC) for the MOVEit Cloud service in their third party compliance assessments.
  • Professionally Managed by Experts: Eliminate the time spent on managing your system and timely migrations.
  • Best-in-Class Security: Stay current on the latest security updates and layers of defense including (FIPS crypto, access control, integrity checking, PEN testing and more). Single sign-on capability is available via SAML 2.0 integration to Identity Provider systems.
  • Lower, Predictable Costs: Reduce IT operational costs usually associated with on site hardware, software maintenance, and support. Match your costs to actual usage so you don’t spend more than necessary.
  • Reliability, Elasticity, and Rapid Deployment: Quickly satisfy peaks in demand with rapid deployment and increased elasticity. MOVEit Cloud guarantees 99.9% uptime with high availability.
  • Trusted by the most data-sensitive industries: MOVEit Cloud is delivered by Ipswitch, an industry-leader in the file transfer space for decades. Customers from healthcare, finance, and other data sensitive industries rely on Ipswitch’s proven expertise and 24/7 support.

MOVEit Cloud Professional Offering:

  • MOVEit Transfer Capabilities
  • MOVEit API
  • GDPR Readiness Toolkit (Option)
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