MOVEit Secure Email

IT-Approved Method for Employees to Send Sensitive Files

MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer gives end-users a secure and regulatory-compliant way, using their browser or Outlook, to quickly send messages and files of any size to other people in a way that is visible and managed by IT.

MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer enables organizations to manage person-to person file transfer interactions and proactively apply transparent end-to-end FIPS validated encryption, attachment offloading, secure messaging, and access control and single sign-on authentication. It also provides reactive management technologies to help companies fully audit and report on all of these transactions.

The shared mailbox feature enables multiple users and groups to view and manage packages from a single mailbox. Using this feature client services teams can process packages from a common queue of documents. Or any employee can delegate mailbox access during a temporary absence. Gain additional productivity with the shared mailbox capability.


External users can self-register with no IT intervention required, and get up and running quickly

Customizable Text and Graphics

Allows for branding of the Outlook plug-in and the web browser interface to create a custom look and feel for users

Quick Access with Web Browsers

Simply log on to the Ad Hoc Transfer webpage, define what files to send and whom to send them to, and click send

Microsoft Outlook Support

Seamlessly integrate with your company’s business tools as users send files from a familiar email application

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