MOVEit Automate File Transfer

“No Limits” Managed File Transfer automation software.

The Best-In-Class Managed File Transfer (MFT) automation software simplifies the creation of standardized workflows and makes it easier to ensure reliability, security and compliance. Unlike competitive offerings, MOVEit Automation supports an unlimited number of managed servers, thousands of tasks and out-of-the-box, point-and-click task deployment.

Minimize the Risk of Data Loss

Providing secure, easy to use automated workflows minimizes the risks of data loss and/or non-compliant manual transfers. MOVEit Automation also provides guaranteed delivery, PGP encryption of data at rest and granular access controls. Integration with popular anti-virus software enables your files to arrive and stay virus free and integrations with popular DLP software ensures that no one accidently (or purposely) sends confidential documents or data outside of your secure perimeter.

Easily Automate Workflows

Any authorized user may easily automate multi-step logic-based workflows and implement business process rules without needing programming skills. MOVEit Automation automatically “pulls, processes, and pushes” files to any platform, over any network architecture. Most automation projects can be implemented in hours – not weeks – and without costly professional services or scripts. MOVEit Automation comes with pre-built tasks, yet can be extended with custom scripting or existing scripts. A web interface enables management and modifications from any browser.

Identify Risks to Compliance

Files transferred as part of business processes must comply with security and delivery performance policies, so it’s important to have the tools which quickly identify errors and unexpected behaviors. 


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